Monday, 22 April 2013

Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser "Normal/Dry skin"

Hey Guys thought i would just do a blog about a product i'm really enjoying recently. 
Which is Clarins water comfort one-step cleanser "Normal/Dry skin"
                                                       £19.50 for 200ml on Clarins website.
What Clarin Says:

In one simple step, this soothing cleanser creates the sensation of water-fresh cleansing — without the water. Moringa Seed extract gently rinses-away impurities and light make-up with a fresh, non-foaming action. The peach's softening and soothing properties leaves your skin smooth, supple and velvety-soft.

Having a quick morning skincare routine is very important to me,so having this cleanser makes my life that much easier. Its a water like substance that smells lightly of peaches, I use this by putting it on a cotton wool pad, and gently sweep it across my face.I love using this in the mornings as its super quick and refreshing, there is no need to wash the product off. Clarins also sells a one-step Water cleanser for combination to oily skin types.

                                   What cleanser do you love using? Any recommendations?

DISCLAIMER : I have paid for this product with my own money, I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review,these are my own thoughts and opinions.



  1. sounds like a good product! xx

  2. Hi there danni,Thanks for commenting!, it's a great product especially if you are in a rush or don't want to wash your face in the morning.

  3. I was sad that I didn't like this :(
    Reviewed it here
    Please check it out, I follow back xx