Thursday, 30 May 2013

50 Random Facts about me.

I love reading these sort of posts so thought i would do my own 50 random facts so here it goes.

1 ~ I hate wearing lipstick
2 ~  I can't swim
3 ~  I can't drive
4 ~ My favourite colours are teal and lilac 
5 ~ I have two children, both girls
6 ~ I hate popcorn
7 ~ My middle name is louise 
8 ~ I love to read crime and sci fi books  
9 ~ My favourite meal is roast dinner
10 ~ I went from a uk size 16 to a size 8 in six months
11 ~  I dye my hair to cover grey hairs
12 ~ I have nine piercings in my ears
13 ~ I have seven tattoos
14 ~ Cats are my favourite animal
15 ~ I drink hot chocolate whenever i have a sore throat
16 ~ I have never eaten an avocado
17 ~ I hate olives 
18 ~  I like to drink flavoured water
19 ~ I like to be on my own a lot
20 ~ I absolutely love horror films
21 ~ I pretty much hate all chick flicks
22 ~ I'm 5ft 4 inches
23 ~ I have an unhealthy obsession with Jensen Ackles
24 ~ I hate dancing 
25 ~ I cannot juggle
26 ~ I like the smell of bleach
27 ~ I sometimes read for eight hours straight 
28 ~ My birthday is on the 20th of February
29 ~ I gave birth to my eldest daughter on a leap year
30 ~ I have never broken a bone
31 ~ I hate Eastenders
32 ~ I love the smell of books
33 ~ I hate folding laundry
34 ~ I don't drink coffee or tea
35 ~ I don't smoke  
36 ~ I have six brothers and one sister
37 ~ I never paint my toenails 
38 ~ I hardly ever drink alcohol 
39 ~ I hate the sound of my own voice on film
40 ~ I prefer nights in to nights out
4 ~ I'm rubbish at maths
42 ~ I hate wearing high heels
43 ~ I never iron
44 ~ I always sleep with one leg out of the cover
45 ~ I hate fifty shades of grey
46 ~ I hate fried eggs
47 ~ I prefer diet pepsi to diet coke
48 ~ I love the smell after it rains
49 ~ I love nutella 
50 ~ I have never left England 

What are your fifty random facts about you?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Recent nail polish purchases.

I seem to have gone a bit nail crazy, i can't seem to go within ten feet of nail polish and not walk away without one! So i thought why not show you guys my recent nail polish buys .
 Starting left to right:
Rimmel I love lasting finish in 060 Hot & Spicy-This is a lovely reddish coral colour to my eyes.This is currently available for £2.99 at Superdrugs
Rimmel 60 seconds in 415 Instyle coral-As the name suggests a lovely coral colour. Also available at superdrugs at £3.69
Rimmel 60 seconds in 405 Rose libertine-A beautiful rose pink, I saw this while on  a blog which i love, and just fell in love with the colour,and of course had to have it. Available at superdrugs for £3.69
B.Complete long-lasting nail polish in 059 Sea foam-A super nice minty green polish that has great staying power. Available at superdrugs for £4.99
Maybelline forever super stay gel nail colour 7 days in 615 Mint for life-A slightly lighter shade of green. Available at superdrugs for £4.09
Nail paint by barry m in 306 matt white- I've wanted a white nail polish for a while so when i saw this i snapped it up. Available at superdrugs for £2.99
B.Complete long-lasting nail polish in 151 Lilac frost -I absolutely love this nail polish its a baby purple colour and has amazing staying power.Available at superdrugs for £4.99
Rimmel i love lasting finish in 707 Tangy tangerine-A muted orange colour that i just couldn't resist getting. Available at superdrugs for £2.99

Have you guys got any nail polish recommendations? Please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe.

DISCLAIMER : I have paid for these products with my own money, I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review,these are my own thoughts and opinions.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 makeup remover

I wrote about this item in my latest blog but thought it deserved better than a quick mention.

Detailed product description:
  Is Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up remover right for me?
Yes, if your skin feels fragile when cleansing. Yes, if changes in temperature, fatigue and stress leave your skin more sensitive. Yes, if you have sensitive skin and are looking for effective make-up removal.
How does it work?
Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up remover contains plant extract and Pro-vitamin B5 in a 2 in 1 formula which combines the efficacy of a make-up removing oil (the blue liquid) with the freshness of a cleansing water (the clear liquid) in a single express wipe.
Your skin is perfectly cleansed with no residue. Even waterproof make-up is removed. Skin is left feeling soft and supple.

I use this makeup remover everyday however I only use this to remove my eye makeup,mainly as i have a shed load of other cleansers to get through. Unlike a lot of other eye makeup remover i have tried this one does not make my eyes sting or burn thank the lord!. After shaking the bottle to mix the two liquids i soak a cotton pad with the mixture and hold against my closed eye for a few seconds and then gently sweep it across my eyelid and lashes.It removes all traces of makeup within a few seconds while also leaving my lashes and the area around my eyes feeling nourished. This is one of those products that i will be repurchasing until i can no longer get my grubby mitts on it .

Have any of you tried this? What did you think? What's your favourite eye  makeup remover?

DISCLAIMER : I have paid for this product with my own money, I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review,these are my own thoughts and opinions.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Products i repurchase.

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately i've been a bit preoccupied with other things but hopefully i shall blog more regularly,anyway onto todays blog! I like to try quite a lot of new products so its a big deal to me anyway when i repurchase something. Here are a few products i frequently repurchase .
All of these products are essential to me and as soon as one starts to run out i panic.I'm sure you have your own items you do this with to. From left to right we have
-batiste dry shampoo in cherry
I'm sure i am not alone in dry shampoo being a must have for second day hair.
I really like the smell of this and it does its job so i always buy another when its finished
-Witch naturally clear blemish stick
If you read my blog you will know how much i love and depend on this little stick.
Its super cheap and effective so i will ALWAYS repurchase 
-Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover
I use this strictly as a eye makeup remover mainly as i have so many other cleansers.I have super sensitive eyes and i find this is the only product i have tried that gets all my eye makeup off and doesn't feel like it's blinding me in the process.
-St Ives naturally clear apricot scrub
I have been using this for years yes you read that right YEARS, i have lost count on how many of these tubes i have brought.I use this as my weekly scrub as i find it a little harsh for everyday use on my sensitive skin.
-Carino miracle oil with argan oil
Yes i know i harp on about this way too much so I'll keep it short and sweet.It makes my hair look and feel amazing so a definite repurchase for me.
-Garnier body intensive 7 days soothing gel cream
This is a recent addition to my body lotions and quite frankly knocks all of my other ones right out of the water. I will only be buying this body gel/cream from now on.It really does lock in moisture and helps clam my sensitive skin. Full review coming soon.

What are your repurchased products?

DISCLAIMER : I have paid for these products with my own money, I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review,these are my own thoughts and opinions.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My April beauty Favourites

It's time for my april beauty favourites, I had soo many products that i enjoyed using in april but i had to narrow it down otherwise i would be typing all night. Well without further ado here they are!

 From left to right -Intecto Intensely hydrating Hair Repair Treatment I really enjoy using this as it leaves my hair smelling of luscious coconut and at the same time super soft.I got this from superdrugs,but i can't seem to find it on there website.I would still check in store if you're interested or alternatively buy from ebay.
Clarins water comfort one-step cleanser I love using this in the morning as its super quick,makes my skin feel super clean and soft. This is £19.50 on Clarins website
Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask I use this mask every week to help with my blemishes and oily skin, i seriously recommend giving this mask a try as it really works. This is £20.00 on Origins website.

 Bobbi brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer (Shade extra light) I have been using this alot lately as it's very light on the skin, i like the coverage and the glow it gives me.The shade is a bit pink for me so next time i will be going a shade up and also getting the oil free version as my skin's been leaning more oily of late. This is £28.00 on Bobbi brown's website.
Clinique high impact mascara This is one of my ALL time favourite mascaras, it separates my lashes while giving them volume and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, enough said really. This is £16.00 on cliniques website.
Nivea essential care lip balm I always have terribly dry lips so go through my fair share of lip balms.I really love this one as it does the job and is super cheap.You can pretty much find this in most shops.£1.65 on Boots website
MAC casual colour Lip & Cheek colour in HAVE A LOVELY DAY! I'm pretty sure this was limited edition, sorry guys I just had to add this because it's my ALL time favourite blush, i like the formula the colour and the finish, i honestly don't know what i'm going to do when this runs out,cry maybe?

Last but not by any means least Carino Miracle oil with argan oil To say i love this product would be the understatement of the century! I freaking can not live without this it makes my hair look shiny and healthy while making it feel super silky. £3.99 at Alidis

I hope you guys enjoyed this post,please leave a comment if you have any questions/comments.

DISCLAIMER : I have paid for these products with my own money, I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review,these are my own thoughts and opinions.